Welcome to my Portfolio.

«I am thrilled to present you with my project, inspired by the worlds of Design, Arts and Crafts.»

This concept is based upon the principals of Bauhaus movement, meaning the combination of the visual arts and their creation under the same roof. An idea that started out of Arts & Crafts movement in Britain from the early 19 century, followed by the Bauhus movement in Germany, 1919.

These ideas, in combination with different techniques and modern materials, give us the ability to develop a sector of artistic decoration techniques that can be implemented to consumer products and spaces, on different surfaces and from different shapes and materials like; glass, metal, wood, plastic, fabric up to leather and skin.

Combining paints, gold leafing, semiprecious stones, engraving, body art paints, sand and other decorative materials with one goal, to create unique artistic decorations on products or in spaces that can be used as gifts, decoration elements, marketing projects, for reselling, professional use or as a private collection.

Petros  Marathonitis
Custom Artist


Definition of Customize. To construct, make, paint, decorate, design or print according to individual specifications or needs.

Synonym of Customize. Bespoke, to order or arrange in advance – made to order.

Purpose. This case study is for presentation purposes only, it is built to enable research to this new project. Interested corporate or personal entities can, if they so wish, obtain more analyzed or targeted information via email or newsletter registration.


Glasses & Tableware.

Offers custom art implementation on items aiming to impress with attention to luxury, detail and providing safe use. Materials used for processing are glass, porcelain, ceramic and in specifically oriented cases metal. The materials can be processed to provide a fine finish of decorative engravings, painting or gold leafing, among other. Application categories include but are not limited to design and creation of crystal ware but are also extended to ice buckets and plates, targeting the luxury class of  hotels, bars, restaurants, the most demanding private collections, marriage or as a gift idea.

Also offers custom design and production of tabletops and tableware like dinner plates, drinking caps, placemats, costers, cutting boards and more.  Involving with the idea to finally produce something unique and personalized for private collections or business.



Can include industries like Wedding, Fashion, Boutiques, Hotels, Restaurants, Architecture, Interior Decoration, Marketing, Energy drinks, Soft drinks, Wines & Spirits, Gifts, Bars, Music, Theater, TV, Cinema, Tech, Luxury, Tobacco, Automotive, Aviation-Airlines, Marine-Yachts, Private Clubs as well as Individuals and Professionals. It can be used inside a business enviroment;  as a resellers product or for a collectors project.

Intellectual Property.

The logos, trademarks and pictures used are only for illustration purposes and help to better understand the concept of applications of customizers art portfolio. They do not belong or in any way used for trading purposes by customizers art.

Design Copyrights.

Graphics and designs that appear on projects such as on beach rackets, surfs and others are original designs copyrighted by customizers art,  among other contents, and are protected by copyright laws.